In the event of an avalanche, the first minutes are critical.

On every tour, safety equipment is just as important as the skis themselves.
Our workshop led by a certified ski instructor, teaches off-piste skiers how to act in case of emergency and how to use the safety equipment properly.

Participants will learn how to use beacons, probes and shovels.

Snow-how | Safety first

ausruestungThere are many different types of snow. To understand more about the types of snow you may encounter, we will need to literally dig our way through the white stuff.

We will show you how to perform slipping block and column tests as well as snow analysis and profiling, providing you with the most important basic knowledge of the complexities of snow.

Once you understand the properties of snow, you will be better able to understand the surface on which you ski, and thus avoid unnecessary risks.

Avalanche and ski equipment rental

You can find everything you need for ski touring or freeriding in any of the sports shops in Saalbach.


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